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They have just unveiled another milestone. Their efforts to revive traditional watchmaking has resulted in IWC Portofino Replica Made 1. Hand-operated tools are used for 95 percent of IWC Portofino Replica Made 1 including the hairspring. A single timepiece takes 6,000 hours to make (that's roughly three years in man-hours) and requires extreme precision and workmanship.

The duo couldn't imagine being able to make a watch IWC Portofino Replica entirely by hand. The final product should at least be comparable to modern production watches.

IWC Portofino Replica Made 1, featuring hours/minutes/seconds and a tourbillon, is not simply a recreation of an existing calibre by hand. IWC Portofino Replica Made 1 is a complete overhaul and reimagining of the creative process,iwc portuguese chrono fake as Gruebel Forsey understood it. The watch is completely handmade. Each of the 36 parts and 272 movements take IWC Portofino Replica-made approach to every detail, from the construction to traditional machining to hand finishing to the dial, hands, and strap.

In this instance, time was not an issue. The entire tourbillon cage took 35 times more time than the standard high-end one. A single screw could be made in 12 separate operations that took up to eight hours. Finally, it took 600 times more to make a Hand Made 1 wheel than a high-end industrial one.

This project was a challenge because it was impossible to duplicate the geometry of a CNC machine using a traditional Jig Borer. Therefore, more parts were needed to make the tourbillon carriage.

Gruebel Forsey is also very transparent about Rolex DateJust Replica parts they did not handcraft, such as the sapphire crystals and case gaskets.

Only two to three Hand Made 1 timepieces will be made each year in 18K white gold. The watch is only 43.5mm in size. At 6 o'clock, the dial will display the inscription Hand Made instead of Swiss Made.

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