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• The popularity of the game of rugby globally and on the domestic level, has brought about a significant growth in the availability of broadcast and media options, merchandising and licensing, especially in the Americas. The real driving force is the professionalism of rugby via the establishment of a Super 20 Rugby World Series tournament deriving its name from 20 franchise properties in 10 countries with a collective population of One Billion consumers

• Rugby’s growth and development, especially with broadcasters and sponsors amongst Tier 2 & Tier 3 nations around the world, suffers as a result of limited participation into the Six Nations, Super 14, Guinness Premiership and Heineken Cup competitions.

• There is a global demand from Tier 2 & 3 nations,Best Replica Watches as well as surplus elite players from the top 10 rugby playing nations, to collectively have an annual global rugby competition which makes provision for relegation and promotion in a professional tournament that is below the Six nations, Super 14 and Heineken Cup competitions.

• The tournament and the participating 20 rugby franchises are underwritten by broadcast and participating sponsors, who seek to associate themselves with the development of rugby participants and a wider television audience of millions.

• Rugby in the United States has over 10,000 rugby clubs, playing over 50,000 matches a year. It is from this base that the tournament will be built, as rugby, in the US, is growing at a rate of over 25% a year and is the new frontier in rugby.

• Over 70% of rugby players in the US make over $75,000 a year, 98% are college graduates and Rugby is the fastest growing sport on college campuses.

The Super 20 Rugby World Series tournament would work as follows:
Timing: 2008-2012 from September-November (Not ever in a IRB Rugby World Cup year)
Mechanics: 20 Franchises each receiving US$1.5m pa as follows:
Canada 2
Russia 1
Brazil 1
Europe 4
Australia 2
South Africa 2


• In a feeder tournament, a Challengers-in-Waiting Series, there is a registration of 3 Franchises-In-Waiting, 12 months in advance of the previous years S20RWS tournament, to play the 2 last placed Super 20 sides, who would face relegation. These 3 Franchises-In-Waiting and the last placed 2 sides play a Super 20 Promotion Tournament in a Home, & Away series in which the top 2 teams of the log, are promoted and qualify for the Super 20 Rugby World Series. This is intended to make the Series as competitive as possible.


• Each of the 23 Franchises throws its doors open to professional rugby players, as they can recruit up to 8 foreign players from a squad of 30, to cultivate the best rugby players locally. This develops the quality of rugby nationally and internationally and retains the value of the franchise and broadcast airtime for the sponsors and advertisers.


• Underwriting for this tournament is provided via Sponsorship from corporates in the Americas, Europe and Southern Hemisphere, and is offered via exclusive sponsorship rights in 10 international territories and broadcasting time, in a broadcast package, to go to a global audience of over 150 million.


Tournament Logos

Each country involved has their own logo


Unprecented global sponsorship opportunities in several different categories. From Energy Drinks to Beer to Hotels,Car rental to Airlines & Telecomunications to Automotive and Oil & Gas. The tournament breaks the mold of all pasts tournaments outside the Rugby World cup and takes the sport into countries & territories previously ignored and starved of quality rugby. Click HERE to learn more about sponsorship & partner opportunites.


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